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For The Love Of Austria


DIY Salad Dressings


The Made To Be Great

Culinary Kung-Fu

Join one of the world's most celebrated chefs in his most personal book yet, as Christian J. Fischer shares his favorite casual Austrian recipes growing up in his home country of Austria in "For The Love Of Austria." Christian J. Fischer counts his greatest joy in life as a family first, then food. In For The Love Of Austria, he brings readers into his home country of Austria, where he cooks simple, delicious dishes that leave him plenty of time to enjoy the company of friends and loved ones. A few years ago, Christian J. Fischer decided to write his love letter to Austria with the dishes which made his career. The celebrated chef produces the masterful, fresh flavors on which he as grown-up with. These quick, traditional, Austrian-family favorites include: Viennese Onion Soup, Frittaten Soup, Creamy Garlic Soup, Wild Mushroom Risotto, Red Cabbage Salad with Green Apple, and Toasted Walnuts, Tafelspitz, Wiener Schnitzel, Krautfleckerl, Wiener Apple Strudel, Sacher Torte, and Blueberry Pancakes with Warm Berry Syrup.With 100 recipes and many color photographs - all taken at his home country - For The Love Of Austrian with Christian J. Fischer will inspire home cooks with fantastic accessible dishes to add to their repertoires.

In this new book, Chef Christian J Fischer looked at traditional dressing a bit differently. Christian believe that salad dressings need a remake and be enjoyed and prepared by the brave! Enjoy An Endless Variety Of Delicious Salad Dressing, which got its base from America's most popular bar drinks. Christian looked at the 65 most popular cocktails and created delicious homemade dressing to impress your friends, in-laws, or party guests! Homemade salad dressings are healthier and cheaper than packaged ones. Think about it, why buy salad dressing when you can make yours quickly and easily with everyday ingredients in your liquor cabinet. Make dinner a quick affair by putting together a delicious dressing in no time. The salad and vinaigrettes recipes in this book are budget-friendly and easy to whip up. Do you like salads? If yes, you will love the rich and creamy dressing recipes in this book!

As a serial entrepreneur and thought leader for over 20 years, Christian has identified one of his most significant unfair advantages to his success (both business and personal) as a unique journaling process focused on results in this crazy busy world. Christian realized at an early age that complicated day-planners and confusing mobile apps add complexity to your life rather than helping you attain your desired goals. And that's why over the past year, Christian has obsessed with every detail to design the "Made To Be Great Journal" and expose his Journaling system to allow you to create a productivity process you can use every day to get the results you want. As someone who started from nothing which has gone on to generate massive results for himself and the companies he worked with, create a thriving family and be in better shape at 52 years old than he was at 25, Christian credits "Journaling" as one of his secret, unfair advantages. An advantage he shares with you in The Made To Be Great Journal. Please share your feedback and successes on the journal with us at

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