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my story

I'm Christian, originally from a small town in Austria, where my path in the hospitality industry started in a pretty unique way—I was forced into becoming a chef, growing up in a hotel. This world was my backyard, my playground, and eventually, my craft. Later, I made my way to the US, chasing dreams and seeking out new horizons.

My true passion is giving back to chefs and culinary professionals, offering them the choices and chances I never had. Through mentorship and coaching, I'm here to help them carve out their paths to success. It's about making sure no one has to go it alone in this industry; I'm here to guide, inspire, and support.


To inspire and empower the hospitality industry by fostering a culture where passion meets professionalism. We are dedicated to guiding individuals and businesses toward achieving their fullest potential, igniting innovation, and elevating the standard of excellence. Our mission transcends financial success, focusing on enriching the industry’s fabric and enhancing the personal and professional lives of those we touch, making every moment an opportunity for growth and fulfillment.

Gosau,  Upper Austria/Austria
View of the city of Salzburg,  Austira

my why

My 'why' is fueled by the desire to ignite inspiration and foster a sense of fulfillment within the hospitality industry. By guiding individuals and businesses to merge their passions with their professional endeavors, I strive to catalyze innovation and excellence. This mission is about more than achieving financial success; it's about enriching the industry's fabric and enhancing the lives and careers of those within it, making every day an opportunity to reach their highest potential.

my bio

Welcome to the world of Christian J. Fischer, a culinary maestro whose roots are deeply planted in the rich soil of Feldbach, Austria, and whose branches stretch across the globe, touching the hearts and palates of food enthusiasts everywhere.

From his early days in the family kitchen to becoming one of Austria's youngest acclaimed chefs, Christian's journey has been nothing short of remarkable. His quest for culinary excellence took him to the prestigious kitchens of the Stenizer Hotel, where under the guidance of master chefs, he refined his skills and forged his path to greatness.

A Fusion of Flavors: Christian's culinary adventures led him to the United States, where as a Chief Culinary Officer, he dazzled the culinary scene by integrating Eastern flavors with Western traditions. His innovative approach has not only won him gold medals and prestigious awards but has also earned him a place in the hearts of those who value creativity and excellence in the culinary arts.

More Than a Chef: Christian J. Fischer is a mentor, author, philanthropist, and a beacon of inspiration. Residing now in Connecticut with his family, Christian dedicates himself to mentoring the next generation of chefs, sharing his wisdom through books, and championing causes that elevate the culinary profession.

A Global Culinary Community: At the heart of Christian's mission is a vision to create a nurturing, inspiring, and thriving environment for culinary professionals. He believes in turning passion into prosperity and legacy, fostering a global community where culinary dreams are realized, and innovation flourishes.

Christian J Fischer
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