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Business Lunch


"Christian's business insights are an unmatched treasure trove. His expertise at identifying untapped opportunities, creating innovative strategies, and driving sustainable growth is unrivaled. I had the honor of learning from Christian's rich practical experiences seamlessly integrated into his mentorship - which have opened up new horizons as well as provided me with tools necessary for facing any potential hurdles confidently. Christian is passionate about sharing his expertise as part of his genuine commitment to help others thrive!"

Michael, ceo

program success stories

peter's success story

"I always knew I wanted to write books but was afraid of all the formatting, editing, and writing. I am not the best at computer work, but the template and step-by-step guidance I got from Christian made it so easy. I published my first book on day 32, and I am working on my second one as we speak. I never knew I could build a business around my passion. My books allowed me to make multiple 6 figures in the first year."

peter, Participant of the Premier Hospitality publishing program

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